Puuinfo partnership

Puuinfo Ltd. is a non-profit company. Puuinfo seeks to promote the use of wood in construction and interior design to create demand for wood products. It disseminates impartial and readable research findings on uses of wood and serves as an information channel for enterprises in the wood products industry. The purpose of the company is not to generate profits for its owners. Any funds generated from the operation will be used to develop Puuinfo’s services.

The target groups of services are both construction professionals and consumers. The Puuinfo electronic services (websites) have up to 40,000 users per month.


All of the companies and organizations whose activities are related to wood construction can join the Puuinfo partnership. Companies can be manufacturers and suppliers of building materials, fasteners, surface treatment materials, electrical and plumbing systems, interior decoration systems and furnishings as well as design companies. 


 Basic partnership                                                                                Price 1.800 €, VAT 0

  • Visibility in Puuinfo’s electronic services:
    • Contact information at puuinfo.fi company and product directory, linking it to the company’s website
    • Product pages free of charge at puuinfo.fi
    • Company links at ePuu.fi
    • Company presentation at our website and in a newsletter distribution
  • Utilization of Puuinfo’s material for your own business
  • News releases and Puuinfo newsletters
  • Puulehti/Wood Magazine one copy/office annually
  • Puupäivä/Wood Day entry fee at lower membership fee

Full Partnership                                                                                    Price 5.000 €, VAT 0

In addition to the benefits of the Basic partnership:

  • Download images from Image bank free of charge
  • Company press release publication at website: puuinfo.fi
  • Forwarding contact requests from possible customers to your company
  • Domestic Timber and Construction statistics
  • Partnership pricing for Puuinfo services, if different categories (eg. RoadShows etc) 


A partnership agreement will be agreed upon in writing. The annual fee is 1.800 € / 5.000 €, VAT 0. The partnership fee will be billed after tt is agreed and annually based on the date of joining. The duration of the partnership is at least one year and is valid for an indefinite period. Termination of the partnership must be made by written notification months before the end of the billing period.

Contact us to join as Puuinfo partner!