Puro.earth welcomes LapWall as a provider of carbon removal rights

LapWall, a manufacturer of prefabricated wooden elements, has been accepted by Puro.earth as a provider of carbon removal rights. Puro.earth is a marketplace that brings together suppliers of carbon removal certificates and operators interested in purchasing them. LapWall is the second Finnish construction product manufacturer to be approved to join this marketplace.

Puro.earth has identified wood-based construction materials as a significant method of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere due to their high industrial production volumes and reasonable costs.

To be accepted, LapWall underwent a rigorous audit to verify its net carbon negativity. The audit results found that LapWall’s wood elements sequester approximately 21 kg of carbon dioxide per square metre during their entire service life.

With its revenues from the carbon removal trade, LapWall intends to develop its business to be even more environmentally friendly and to increase production capacity.

– Between 2022 and 2024, we will invest more than 5 million euros in new production technology in the form of automated element production lines and a new parts manufacturing plant, says CEO Jarmo Pekkarinen.

Read the article in Finnish: LapWall hiilidioksidin poisto-oikeuksien tarjoajaksi Puro.earth-markkinapaikalle