YouTube videos on wood construction

Puuinfo is producing an eight episode video series on wood construction and life in wooden apartment buildings.

The first two videos will be completed this autumn. The first video covers the building of an urban courtyard and introduces viewers to a housing association’s roof terrace and pergolas. The second video presents wood-based interior design solutions, interior design trends, and the benefits of wood on health and well-being.

Next year, the series will be expanded with videos on the construction, fire safety, water damage remediation, sound insulation, and acoustics of wooden apartment buildings, in addition to segments on supplemental construction and the construction of additional storeys with wood. The intention is to also present a complex of wooden apartment buildings from somewhere else in Europe.

The videos target construction industry operators and experts in particular, but also “ordinary citizens”, city residents and the decision-makers they choose.

Read the article in Finnish: YouTube-videoita puurakentamisesta