Wooden schools cost less than many people think

Puuinfo has collected cost data on wooden schools, daycare centres and apartment buildings since 2018. These statistics cover the most significant new schools, of which there are a total of 21. Very small one-storey schools have been excluded from the study. Adjusted for 2021 prices, the majority of wooden schools have cost €2000–3000/m2.

This information is available and updated on ePuu.fi.

Price information for ARA financed wooden apartment buildings

Puuinfo now includes the price information for residential apartment buildings on 25 properties. All projects were financed by the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (ARA). In future, ARA has agreed to provide ePuu with information on loan decisions. In terms of gross area, the residential apartment buildings included span a somewhat wider range than the schools mentioned above, but the average price per square metre still falls within a similar range, namely €2,000 to €3,000/m2 (gross).

The costs displayed in ePuu include construction and design costs but exclude the plots, utility connections, fixtures and equipment.

See the costs here.

THE PUUINFO.FI WEBSITE Projects page presents data for 76 completed projects. Ranging from schools and daycare centres to apartment buildings, the projects can be searched and filtered by location, year of completion, structural system, number of storeys, gross area, floor area, architect, management type, and participating company. See: https://puuinfo.fi/arkkitehtuuri/