Six interesting facts about Stora Enso’s new headquarters

Stora Enso’s new headquarters, named Katajanokka Laituri, will be completed by the summer of 2024. The new wooden building will be located in Katajanokka, Helsinki, which is familiar to passengers as a cruise port. The building is owned by the Finnish pension company Varma.

Lue artikkeli suomeksi.

Picture: Anttinen Oiva Arkkitehdit

1. The building is created from solid wood building elements, in which case the construction method has significant effects on the construction site, the environment and the climate.

2. In addition to the head office functions, the building will also house a hotel, restaurant and conference facilities. The wooden architecture of the interior can therefore also be seen by city dwellers and tourists.

3. 5,865 tons of carbon dioxide, which warms the atmosphere, is stored in wooden parts. According to Stora Enso, the amount corresponds to the average annual emissions of approximately 3,500 passenger cars in Finland.

4. There will be 7,600 cubic meters of solid wood in the wooden frame. Every cubic meter of wood that replaces non-renewable materials reduces carbon dioxide emissions by an average of 1.5 tons.

5. Building from pre-made building elements according to dimensions shortens construction time, reduces costs and improves the utilization of raw materials.

6. Ready-to-install elements are safer to install, and no extra waste, dust or noise is generated on the construction site.

The article was published in the forest.fi online magazine on April 6, 2023. Read the whole story here: One of a kind: head office made of wood — 5 ideas