Pilot project using Thermowood-CLT

ThermoWood-CLT grid structure construction is the first modern leisure apartment in Ähtäri. The project takes a novel approach to wood construction by using an advanced construction material to streamline construction.

As a new innovation, heat-treated ThermoWood has been factory- installed directly onto the exterior surface of CLT boards. The ThermoWood serves as exterior cladding and is installed during the manufacturing process of the CLT boards themselves. This guarantees durability and a high-quality finish, and also streamlines the construction process since the cladding no longer needs to be installed at the construction site.

Project partners:

  • The International ThermoWood Association
  • Thermowood: Oy SWM-Wood Ltd.
  • CLT structures: Crosslam Oy
  • Decks: Kärävä Oy
  • Structural engineering: Suunnittelu- ja Rakennuspalvelu JK Oy
  • CLT installation: Massiwe Oy

Read the article in Finnish here.