The airtight vacuum wall element for the structures of damp spaces

Aalto University-spinout startup VacuumWood.tech has successfully completed its first industrially manufactured airtight wooden plane element in collaboration with VVR Wood Oy and Wiiste Oy. The developed tight element solution allows vacuum drying of the element as the first technology in the world. Due to this property, the element can be efficiently dried on-site without dismantling the structures.

Thanks to the new tight underpressure element technology, it is possible to use wooden structures for a long time even in particularly challenging conditions, such as greenhouses. Based on the measurement results obtained in pilot tests, the elements are immune to the effect of air humidity, and the vacuuming interval required by the elements is less than once every two years. In the future, the vacuum effect is also intended to be used to achieve dynamic thermal insulation of the elements.

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