Anu Bask: ”Now, when the industry is in a recession, it is important to develop competitive advantages”

Docent Anu Bask, PhD Econ., has been appointed professor of business development in wood construction at the University of Vaasa. The professorship is a five-year fixed-term position with the goal of producing research data to guide the sustainability, competitiveness, business, and marketing and business concept development of the large-scale wood construction value chain.

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In addition to the Southern Ostrobothnia University Foundation and the University of Vaasa, the professorship is financed by the Finnish Forest Foundation, the Finnish Entrepreneurship College, the municipalities of Alajärvi, Alavus, and Seinäjoki, and the Seinäjoki University Centre. The current five-year term of “Sustainable and competitive business in wood construction” started at the beginning of January 2024, following the first business development professorship in wood construction that began in 2016.

Bask’s most recent appointment was at the University of Turku School of Economics, where she has been employed as a lecturer for the past few years and serves as a docent specialising in responsible supply chain management. Bask also has a lengthy history of positions at Aalto University and the Helsinki University of Economics.

The recession is hitting the construction industry right now, but Bask reminds us that product development, innovation, and the development of businesses and networks should not be neglected during tough times

– It makes sense to continue strengthening sustainable businesses. The circular economy is the future, so we should already be pondering how the industry could use it to move forward.

According to Bask, the transition to a circular economy will introduce new types of players into the wood construction network and expand current ecosystems. By cooperating and building an ecosystem, companies can already start to gain a new competitive advantage.