Puupäivä briefly in English

The National Puupäivä (puu = wood, päivä = day) is a full-day event attended by over 1100 construction industry professionals annually. Throughout the day, there are several seminars on wood architecture, construction techniques, and timber construction. The event concludes with the presentation of the Wood Award Puupalkinto.

Participants can explore the products and services of the event’s partners at the exhibition area and seminars.

Target groups

The target audience for Puupäivä includes decision-makers in the construction industry, developers, builders, architects, structural designers, as well as planners and building control authorities. The event also attracts students in the construction field. Companies can utilize Puupäivä in various ways to showcase their products and services and engage with customers. Read more below about partnership and visibility options.

Become a Puupäivä partner or a speaker?

Companies can use Puupäivä to present their products and solutions and to meet customers. If you want to join as an exhibitor, have your own seminar or presentation, please contact: info@puuinfo.fi

Exhibition stand normal
Price 3 590€ (excl. VAT)

  • A 3x3m spot for the company’s stand, price includes electricity and carpet
  • Logo to puupaiva.com website and event programme
  • Free entrance for three persons

Own presentation at chosen seminar
Price 1 850€ (excl. VAT)

  • Length of presentation 10min
  • Logo to puupaiva.com website and event programme
  • Presenter’s free entrance
  • An article related to the presentation published in Puuinfo’s electronic communication channels

Own seminar (1,5 h)
Price 7 400 € (excl VAT)

  • Seminar services (target group marketing, registration, premises, technology and catering servces)
  • Logo to puupaiva.com website and event programme
  • Presenters’ free entrance