KoskiPly birch thin birch plywood

Strong yet flexible, Finnish aircraft plywood suitable for a multitude of applications from furniture to musical instruments, from saddles to model making, even the most demanding technical applications such as aircraft manufacturing. 

KoskiPly birch is flexible, cross-banded thin plywood, made from birch veneers throughout and faced with a joint-free birch veneer.  Koskiply’s surface is natural, light and smooth which makes it a perfect choice for furniture, fixtures and for other interior design applications demanding a beautiful aesthetic.  KoskiPly aircraft plywood can be bent to many different shapes making it extremely suitable for applications such as lamps and pieces of furniture which require structural integrity, bending strength and flexibility.

KoskiPly birch thin plywood’s surface can be left in its natural state to show the beautiful appearance of the Finnish birch veneer or it can be finished with lacquer, wax or stain like any other wood surface. Aircraft plywood is flexible, light and easy to machine. In addition, KoskiPly birch aircraft plywood can also be cut with a laser or waterjet. Because of its cross-banded composition, KoskiPly birch thin plywood is both durable and strong making it suitable for sport equipment such as hockey sticks, saddles, canoes, paddles and other technically demanding applications.

KoskiPly birch thin plywood is available coated with other wood veneers including oak, ash and walnut.  Hot pressed coating such as painting films can also be applied to the surface. KoskiPly is manufactured using glue films to prevent glue bleeding onto the surface.

Even though KoskiPly birch is called thin plywood, it is available in thicknesses of up to 60 mm. The use of a very large number of thin birch veneers results in an unbelievably tough and strong board.  This multi-layered aircraft plywood can be used in the manufacture of gun stocks and a variety of other engineering applications.

KoskiPly birch thin plywood can be used both indoors and outdoors. The flexibility of aircraft plywood opens up a multitude of possibilities for furniture manufacturing, interior design and boat and aircraft production. Furthermore, KoskiPly aircraft plywood is safe to use in the manufacture of wooden toys and is certificated in accordance with EN 71-3. KoskiPly is ecological and easy to recycle.

Advantages of KoskiPly birch thin plywood

  • homogeneous, consistent and light surface
  • strong, light and flexible aircraft plywood for a multitude of applications
  • excellent bending strength
  • easy machining and surface treatment
  • easy to bend to different shapes
  • environmentally friendly
  • taint and odour free
  • toy safety EN 71-3
  • suitable for laser and waterjet cutting
  • good alternative to traditional aluminium panels
  • good shock and vibration resistance
  • good acoustic properties

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