KoskiStandard birch plywood

Standard plywood boards are composed of an odd number of thin veneers glued together under pressure with the grain direction of the successive layers at right angles.

  • In birch plywood all veneers are birch.
  • Combi plywood consists of two birch face veneers followed by alternate layers of conifer and birch.
  • In spruce plywood all veneers are spruce.

Plywood is noted for its strength, durability, lightness, rigidity, and resistance to splitting and warping. It can be molded into curved or irregular forms or it can be made into large panels suitable for structural use.

  • Birch plywoods are used where special strength and high quality is required.
  • Combi plywoods are all-purpose plywoods for construction, joinery and transport industries.
  • Spruce plywoods are lightweight and economical to use in construction, roofs, facades and packaging.

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