A moment with a printed magazine is time for yourself

Reading about something out of the ordinary is a wonderful way to broaden your horizons, and reading a paper copy can be so much more fun. Using wood comes naturally to Finns, so a printed issue of Wood Magazine was a natural choice!

A moment with a printed magazine is valuable me-time – some use it to find inspiration, others to dive deep into the details. Settling down to read a paper version feels relaxing and lets the reader immerse themselves in all-new information. This printed issue of Wood Magazine is Puuinfo’s way of deepening our relationship with thought leaders and welcoming new ones.

It provides a thorough overview of current trends in wood construction, curated with care, and wrapped up in a pretty paper package. Wood Magazine has been on the front line of promoting wooden architecture and wooden construction for 43 years. Editor Yrjö Suonto presents a slice of history from twenty years ago, recalling the time under editor-in-chief Jussi Vepsäläinen when wooden multi-storey construction was still in its infancy.

It has advanced in leaps and bounds since then – and continues to accelerate. New projects are going up as we speak, and we have plenty to learn from the innovations they have revealed. Product development is still going strong. Competitiveness in this field will require innovation and, most importantly, the transfer of knowledge.

Puuinfo’s strategy for 2022–2025 has reached its halfway point and will be reviewed by the board this spring. Our most important task is to introduce wood construction to those in the industry who are not yet familiar with it. This issue of our magazine has been distributed to all 8551 members of RIA, the Finnish association of construction engineers and architects. This coming autumn, another happy group in the construction industry will receive a sample issue. In the spirit of Jussi Vepsäläinen and his achievements with Wood Magazine, I wish you an enjoyable reading experience and hope that you become as enchanted by wood construction as we are.

Anu Turunen Managing Director, Puuinfo

Read the article in Finnish here.