KoskiVeneer birch veneer

High quality light coloured birch veneer made in Finland and suitable for the furniture and joinery industries.

KoskiVeneer is tightly-peeled birch veneer whose standard thicknesses are 0.6 and 1.5 mm. Special thicknesses of 0.8 mm, 1 mm and 2 mm are also available.  The maximum length is 2550 mm – other cut sizes are available on request.

Birch veneer is peeled from the finest part of a birch log. KoskiVeneer birch veneers are available as face grade veneers and construction grade veneers. Modern production technology makes customised birch veneer production possible for almost any special requirement of the furniture and joinery industries.

Birch veneer is a beautiful and strong material. The good technical strength properties of birch veneer make it a perfect material for technical applications demanding durability and resistance.

High-quality and beautiful face grade veneers are suitable for furniture, fixtures and interior design elements. They also put the finishing touches to door skins and work tops. Wood’s unique and natural grain appears brings the face of the birch veneer to life.

Construction veneers are strong and durable making them perfect for moulded forms, technical applications and laminated veneer elements.  

Birch veneer can be waxed, lacquered or coloured like any other wood material. Thin birch veneer is also easy to machine and combine with other materials.

Our production capacity and excellent raw material availability ensure problem-free deliveries to customers all year round.

Birch veneer is an ecological and recyclable option for the joinery and furniture industries. The birch used for our veneers is procured from certified, Finnish forests.

Advantages of KoskiVeneer birch veneer

  • genuine material from nature
  • warm touch of wood
  • easy to treat surface
  • strong, durable and resistant
  • light coloured with a beautiful grain pattern
  • good acoustic properties

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