Palonot F1 fire retardant solution

Palonot F1 is a modern fire protection product line that meets the diverse needs of the industry. Our patented products are based on ionic liquids, do not contain harmful chemicals, and are easy to use, providing effective fire protection for wooden products.

Our commitment to quality and sustainability is reflected in our processes that comply with ISO 9001 and 14001 standards.


Palonot F1 is suitable for fire protection of wooden products, including plywood, exterior and interior cladding products, solid wood products, as well as fire protection for wood-based thermal and sound insulation materials. If needed, we can provide customized fire protection solutions.

Product properties

The advantages of the Palonot F1 product line can be summarized in three key features:

1. Efficiency
It is easy to use, reducing processing time, and achieves high fire protection with a smaller amount of substance.

2. Protection
Preserves the natural beauty and aesthetics of wooden products while providing biostatic protection against fungi and decay. Our product does not crystallize on wood surfaces.

3. Sustainability
Adheres to the principles of sustainable development through energy-efficient and emission-free production.

With Palonot F1 treatment, the surface fire classification achieves B-s1, d0 requirements (EN 13501-1), and the treated products comply with the EU’s fire resistance durability standard (EN 16755:2017), reaching class DRF INT2. Additionally, the treated products maintain high indoor air quality with E1 and M1 ratings.

You can view the video demonstration below showcasing the effectiveness of Palonot F1:

For additional details, you can visit our website at www.palonot.com, or feel free to contact us.

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