Ekovilla slab for ceilings, floors and walls

The Ekovilla slab is a new product never before manufactured in Finland. The Ekovilla slab is a soft and supple thermal insulation slab that consists of wood fibre, and it features all the best Ekovilla properties for preserving the environment; it is manufactured from renewable natural resources, the manufacturing process uses very little energy, it binds the carbon within the timber for its entire life cycle and, as an insulation material, conserves energy.

In addition to blown-in and sprayed insulation, the desired characteristics of Ekovilla insulation are now also available in slab-form. A revolutionary Ekovilla slab, designed to fulfil builders’ wishes, offers all the good qualities of Ekovilla:

  • Wood fibre insulation made of renewable natural resources
  • Breathing and safe with over three decades of experience
  • Carbon-binding, reduces carbon footprint      
  • Resilient and firm to install
  • Good thermal insulation capacity
  • For new construction and renovation

Firm insulation slab

Ekovilla slab is a breathing insulation slab and comfortable to handle. Dense fibre structure keeps the air inside and guarantees good thermal insulation. The firmness of the insulation keeps the slab corners straight to fill the reserved space all the way to the corners. For cutting the insulation, you can get Ekovilla saw at building supply stores to best handle the firm insulation. You can also cut the insulation with Ekovilla knife (Fiskars).

Ekovilla slab is suitable for both new construction and renovation projects. As the popularity of breathing houses grows, more and more prefabricated house elements are pre-insulated with Ekovilla slab at the manufacturing plant.

Ekovilla slab Product Description

Ekovilla slab made of wood fibre is an uncoated, soft and resilient thermal insulation slab and especially well-suited for timber construction due to its hygroscopy. The insulation is suitable for both new construction and renovation projects. The main uses are ceilings, floors and walls.

Declared thermal conductivityʎD (23,50) 0,039 W/(m K)
Design valueʎd 0,039 W/(mK)
Fire classEuro fire class E
Density32-42 kg/m³
CE conformity markingWF -EN 13171 – T2
Emission class of building materialsM1

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