Versowood Barriers

Versowood Group manufactures barriers for noise control and for landscape protection, which are always designed individually to best meet the needs of the environment and the application. Long experience in the design, manufacturing and installation of wooden barriers has given rise to a large number of barriers suitable for the landscape which, correctly maintained, serve at roadsides even for over 50 years.

Barriers made from weatherproofed wood are of two basic types: absorbent and reflective. The soft layers contained within the absorbent barrier prevent the reflection of sound to, for example, the other side of the road. The absorbent quality of wood is beneficially exploited also in the panelling of concrete noise reduction barriers. A reflective barrier dampens sound passing through and protects, above all, the area behind the barrier from noise.

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Versowood Oy, Teollisuustie 60, 19110 Vierumäki
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