Verso impregnated wood

In keeping with the application, impregnated wood is a safe solution which lasts year after year, even tripling the service life of the product. Sometimes referred to as permanent wood, the material can be machined prior to impregnation, and it is delivered to the customer depending on application either openly stored or artificially dried. Versowood Group is a pioneer in wood impregnation in Finland and uses two impregnation methods: creosote and salt impregnation.

Creosote impregnation

Creosote impregnation is appropriate for demanding applications and lasts even over 50 years without maintenance. In this process, creosote is pressed into a ready beam, so the capacity of the impregnation cylinder must be taken into consideration in designing the piece. The brown creosote impregnating agent gives the wood the best possible protection against microbes and prevents the absorption of water into the wood.

Salt impregnation

Salt-impregnated wood is suitable for virtually all outdoor building such as outdoor panelling, yard and balcony structures, sheds, fences and garden furniture. By means of salt-impregnated beams, various mouldings are obtained for structures such as, for instance, arches and lattices.

Impregnation is carried out on individual boards which can be subsequently glued, painted or varnished. However, varnishing is not recommended for sites exposed to the rays of the sun. If the intent is to use spirit dye in painting, it should be taken into account that in painting a mottled base, the final result will also be mottled. Salt-impregnated wood is available with both A and AB-class impregnation. In choosing the impregnation class, the coming application should be taken into account as well as the degree of wood moisture required.

Class A

Rakenne permanent wood, which is Class A weatherproofed, is used in wooden structures in contact with land, water and concrete as well as structures promoting safety such as docks, barrier posts, steps, handrails, bridges, structures supporting balconies and in the lower reaches and base-floor constructions of buildings.

Class AB

Piha permanent wood, which is Class AB weatherproofed, is incorporated in structures above the ground such as fence boarding, yard furniture, terraces, pergolas and window boxes as well as sandboxes and playground equipment.

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