Verso packaging products

The manufacturing, sales and services are governed by ISO 14100 certificate.

Wooden pallets

Standard-size EUR and FIN pallets as well as disposable pallets of slabs. Pallets are available in both two and four-track models and are equipped with the appropriate ISPM 15 standard labels. Beside wooden pallets, we also supply box covers of timber and plywood, plywood pallets, pallet collars and plywood boxes.

Timber drums

Plywood cable reels

These light but durable plywood reel flanges are made of birch plywood. Diameter: 300-1500 mm. The barrels are made of sheet metal, plastic, wood or cardboard.

Timber drums

With a diameter of 400-3700 mm, these timber drums are made of high-quality Finnish export-dried sawn timber. The timber drums are delivered either ready-assembled or half-assembled, which brings about substantial savings in freight costs.

Plywood boxes

Light and durable plywood boxes, which have already been made by Versowood Oy, Haukipudas unit for decades, integrate individual service, flexibility and reliability with excellent quality.

Plywood boxes are manufactured both in standard sizes and in accordance with client’s specific measurements. The boxes are made for the most part of 6 mm birch plywood, but the thickness can be as much as 25 mm, depending on the application. It is also possible to arrange for the client’s own logo to be imprinted on all packing boxes.


A package suitable for export transport, for example, is easy and quick to put together without tools. The box cover and bottom are connected to the collar by means of metal fasteners and, as it is delivered in parts, it saves on freight and storage costs.


A quickly assembled package, all the parts of which are ready-connected to each other.


A joint-hinge box designed for round-trip traffic which requires only minimal space when empty.


A package made-to-measure, options: basic model with accessories or a completely tailor-made new package.


A firm, wooden-reinforced package for goods that are heavy or transported as loose items.

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