Parklex Prodema Wood walls and ceilings for interiors

Parklex Prodema wood veneer panel is crafted from hand-selected natural woods, ensuring each panel is unique. Parklex panels offer numerous possibilities to design warm, beautiful, high-quality spaces.


The fire rating is B-s1, d0; additionally, Parklex panels hold the ECOdesign ISO 14006 certification and the PEFC certification.

A durable PVDF saturation process ensures that Parklex panels offer the best possible protection from environmental factors, regardless of temperature, moisture, or UV exposure. Parklex is a completely maintenance-free product.

Wood panels for interiors

NATURHARDPANEL-W sheets are designed specifically for interior wall and ceiling paneling. The product is highly moisture-resistant, making it perfect for installation in areas such as bathrooms, gyms, saunas, and swimming pools.

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