KoskiFloor – Chipboard for floors

KoskiFloor is a Finnish chipboard that is ideally suited for the needs of the construction industry, for both new construction and various renovation projects. The durable floors are easy and quick to install, thanks to the tongued-and-grooved edges of the boards.

Finnish chipboard with tongued and grooved edges for construction applications

KoskiFloor is an uncoated chipboard that is suited primarily for different types of floors, whether in homes or cold storerooms. The board edges are tongued and grooved, which makes them easy to install.

Build long-lasting floors with durable chipboard

What makes KoskiFloor chipboard so durable is the board’s strength, which is constant in every direction along the plane of the board. Unlike other wooden boards, chipboard expands and contracts very little, which means a floor made of chipboard will remain even, year after year. Chipboard’s resilient structure makes it a long-term solution for any floor. An installed chipboard floor can be covered with any flooring, such as parquet or laminate.

KoskiFloor P6 chipboard is a suitable option for floors in dry spaces. For more demanding applications (moisture class 2), we recommend KoskiFloor P5/P6 board, which is more moisture resistant and fulfils the P6 strength grade and P5 moisture grade requirements.

Clean chipboard won’t damage saw blades

KoskiFloor chipboard is made in Järvelä, home to the only chipboard mill in Finland, by professionals who ensure a high-quality end product using clean raw materials. Sawmilling industry wood by-products account for 90% of the content of all the boards. The boards can be sawn, drilled and cut using any conventional woodworking tools, as high-quality chipboard is easy to work with and won’t damage saw blades. Blades that are in good condition cut board better and bring savings in equipment maintenance.

Advantages of KoskiFloor chipboard

  • Quick to install
  • Easy to work and coat
  • Strength is constant along the plane of the board
  • Solid and dense surface
  • Elastic
  • Environmentally friendly throughout its life cycle

KoskiFloor chipboard applications

  • Floors for homes
  • Floating floors
  • Floors for storerooms
  • Roof support boards (P5 grade chipboard)

More information and technical data on Koskisen’s website.

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