KoskiLaser eco, 3D and transparent die cutting plywood

KoskiLaser is smooth faced Finnish birch plywood specially glued for laser cutting. Both sides of the board are treated with a translucent, breathable, water based agent which protects the surface from excessive moisture pick up whilst allowing the boards to quickly acclimatise to the ambient conditions.

KoskiLaser eco offers the following advantages

  • smooth translucent surface in custom colours
  • hygienic and easy to clean
  • good base for gluing the rubbers
  • low emissions during cutting with the laser
  • taint and odour free surface
  • environmentally friendly treatment does not contain any harmful substances
  • matt surface minimizes reflections

KoskiLaser with eco treatment is an ideal material for steel rule dies. Strong and homogeneous birch cuts well with a laser, is accurate and holds the knives firmly in place. The thin veneer multilayer construction combined with the eco treatment on the surface ensures that the board stays flat when properly handled and stored.

More information on Koskisen’s website.

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