KoskiPro – Special chipboard

KoskiPro – The board of many possibilities

KoskiPro boards are precision-made products developed in cooperation with customers to respond to their needs as accurately as possible. In addition to size and thickness, customers can also influence the structural, strength and surface quality of their boards. A wide selection of coatings are being available.

The advantages of KoskiPro products

  • the quality of the board meets the needs of the customer
  • wide selection of sizes reduces waste material
  • favourable solution for many end uses
  • environmentally friendly

KoskiPro products are tailored special boards. They can be coated with different painting paper coatings, laminate or phenol film coatings. The coating can be smooth, grooved or slip resistant with friction surface. We develop special constructions to meet customers’ individual requirements. Our skilled staff will help the customer at every turn.

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