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Subscription of Wood-magazine

Wood Magazine is published three times a year. Languages in printed paper are Finnish and English. Wood Magazine will also be published in internet.

The subscription to PuuWood Magazine, which is continuous, takes effect once the subscription form has been filled in properly. 

Prices 2018


32 euros (+VAT 10 %) 

Outside Europe

36 euros (+VAT 10 %) 

Single issues

12 € + VAT 10 % and delivery costs

Note: when paid with a cheque, +10 euros



Die Abonnementpreise für drei Ausgaben betragen:
- 32 Euro in Europa (+MWS 10%)
- 36 Euro ausserhalb von Europa.
Achtung! Bei Scheckbezahlung gelten die Preise + 10 Euro.



Les frais d’abonnement pour trois numéros sont :
- 32 euros en Europe (+TVA 10%)
- 36 euros hors Europe.
Note: paiement avec chèque, +10 euros


To subscribe Wood Magazine fill out your contact information on Subscription form below.


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